Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A story about a polydactyl cat

Well, I have caught a bad cold and been stuck in bed for almost a week. So since I haven't been able to blog much, I thought I would take advantage of Benj Arriola's comment about a polydactyl cat he had when he was young, left in response to my blog about the evolution of five fingers and toes. Benj Arriola writes Global Warming Awareness and off-handedly mentioned that his comment was good enough as a blog post, I agree so I hope you don’t mind me stealing your writing, Benj :)

Benj Arriola writes…
I'm back and was searching about the ostrich people, and found it on Wikipedia. And in my search for photos, I also found this site with a page on polydactyl cats. I remember my own cat having an extra useless "thumb." Useless because they were like dead and was just hanging there. But I think that cat was a real genetic disorder in many ways, since one paw had an extra "thumb." The other paw had two nails on one digit. The cat was pure white that his eyes were very noticeable. One was blue and the other was green.

But just a background on it... when it was still a kitten, it was a stray kitten that took a ride in our car, that seemed to climb under the car and ended it's way near an area near the car battery and was securely there until we got home from a bowling trip that was just about 1 kilometer away. He was kitten although he was big enough not to depend on his mother. For me he was the best cat I had. I had cats since 1978 up to today.

When ever we go back to the bowling alley we kept going to... I noticed by the side of the building, is a big trash can and some trash dumps near it where several stay cats go to. I am not surprised if my cat's mother was probably one of them feeding on all these trash while she was pregnant.

WOW! Is this the longest comment I made in history? Hahaha. This is good enough as a blog post. Haha. Well I guess there is no other place to share it but here.


Sukie Crandall said...

X-rays and photos of polydactyly in a ferret in the Netherlands can be found here:

We have not had a ferret with polydactyly but have had one with neural crest genetic variant markings who had syndactyly of one paw requiring 2 surgeries, and have heard of polydactyly, and a combination of polydactyly and syndactyly in ferrets with neural crest variants.

Gufo said...


if just by eating the remains of the bowling's restaurant the cat got genetic abnormalities... this makes me wonder whether the people who actually eat the burgers made in there do not have wings and flippers, or antennae... may be the cause wasn't that one? any nuclear plant close-by? just kidding.

Sivasothi said...

Hemingway cats tickled me no end when I found out. Bought the book since and a few more for presents: http://tinyurl.com/34wgvk

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