Friday, 23 March 2007

Hinterland Who's Who

If you grew up in Canada, you will remember television programming punctuated by the Hockey Night in Canada theme, stamp commercials ("A moment of our heritage") and of course the distinctive flute music and monotone narration of John Livingston, on Hinterland Who's Who.

Well I just found out HWW has been modernized and still around on tv and the internet. Check out the website at It is has a simple clean style, easy navigation and lots of great info about Canadian wildlife. And of course, if you leave your speakers on you can hear the distinctive musical refrain when you enter the site.

Finally, a hilarious HWW parody:


domestika said...

"To learn more about the Loon..." ah yes, I still have those Hinterland flashbacks!

sciencesque said...

When I found out that I could download the vintage episodes a few years ago, I got a little emotional.