Friday 1 June 2007

(Re)burying Dinosaur Tracks in Pinon Canyon, Colorado

Dustin on Dysfunctional Analysis posted today about the Pinon Canyon development in Colorado.

The Pinon Canyon training ground is a military facility that will soon be extended, engulfing several townships and ranches. It is also the largest dinosaur track site in North America and the site contains ruins of the Dolores Mission, an old graveyard, and Native American petroglyphs. The historical and scientific value of the canyon is incredible.


Anonymous said...

It MAY be extended. The communities in the area, the state of Colorado and groups too numerous to name here (see them on ) are opposed to it.

Saving this beauty, lifestyle, the American way of life is paramount to many.

With the help of this blog and other information sources the public will become aware and will stand up to say enough!! Our legislators will need to listen or they face losing their offices next election - and that's just over a year away.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link! As I've said, the more people who know what's being threatened, the more likely we are of stopping it for good.