Monday, 26 March 2007

Meet Janine...

As I mentioned last week, I will be travelling to India for two weeks, during which time my colleague, Janine Kavanagh, has graciously agreed to fill-in. Janine is a PhD student at the University of Bristol working in the field of volcanology. Her interests include studying the dynamics of kimberlite eruptions, these are ancient volcanoes that can erupt diamonds. Unfortunately there have been no kimberlite eruptions in recorded history, which makes this magma relatively rare, but economically important, a bit tricky to understand.

Some things she will be blogging on include recent volcanic activity in New Zealand, some bizarre festivals that you might like to attend this year, an "ode to purple", and there will even be a "mystery volcano" of which you can try and guess the name and location. Who could resist?

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Beaman said...

Enjoy India! A truly beautiful country in so many ways. Safe trip. :)