Monday, 9 April 2007

BC creator dies while drawing last cartoon

Cartoonist Johnny Hart, who won awards for his comic strips, BC and The Wizard of Id, has died of a stroke at the age of 76.

BC, which depicted a world populated by cavemen and dinosaurs, first appeared in newspapers in 1958. The Wizard of Id was a political satire based in a run-down kingdom ruled by a diminutive and tyrannical monarch.

Johnny Hart’s comics reached over 100 million people. He died at his storyboard, doing what he loved best.


oreneta said...


Hope you don't mind, but I tagged you with a meme....indeed an are now officially a "thinking blogger" ( as opposed to the comatose?) Anyway, if you head to my blog, there is a nifty little decal you can lift and place on your blog, and then you get to nominate five blogs yourself!

Gufo said...

Is it true that Jonny Hart went down the creationist road during his last years? Though I very much enjoyed The wizard of ID and BC, during my teens, when they were printed on the pages of Urania, the oldest running italian science-fiction paperback series..

Sarda Sahney said...

Yes, Johnny Hart was a Christian and this was very much reflected in the later years of BC. A few of his strips even caused some controversy and so were sometimes printed in the religion section of newspapers rather then the regular comic page.

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