Sunday, 15 April 2007

Book Review: How To Keep Dinosaurs by Robert Mash

This book is not new, but I only discovered recently. If you haven’t read it and enjoy palaeo-humor I suggest you pick it up! It is picturesque, surreal and an equally amusing read for geeks and children:)

Synopsis: Hollywood and the popular press would have us believe that all dinosaurs are gigantic, hostile and untameable. In fact, there are many species that make charming and even useful companions. From Compsognathus (mild-mannered and affectionate - once it has learnt to recognise its owner) to Deinonychus (will not eat dog food - dogs are another matter) this book advises you which dinosaur is right for you and your home, from the city apartment dweller looking for a lap pet, to the country estate owner looking to tighten up on security. How To Keep Dinosaurs is packed with the sort of information keen dinosaur keepers crave - from feeding and housing to curing common ailments, breeding and showing your animal. It will even tell you where you can purchase your new pet. The author, a zoologist with extensive experience of dinosaurs, has provided a timely and much-needed source book for all those who keep dinosaurs and for the huge numbers who are contemplating getting one. It is as essential to every dinosaur keeper as a stout shovel and a tranquilizer rifle.

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Laelaps said...

My wife got this book for me as a gift about 2 summers ago when we were still dating; it has been lost to the depths of the various bookshelves in the apartment but I'll have to dig it up again. I wouldn't mind having a little ornithopod of some kind, although I'm not sure my cats would like it very much.