Thursday, 5 April 2007

Meme: Why do you blog?

I’ve been memed by Greg Laden, who asked, “Why do you blog?”

Well, this blog is a recent endeavor (I started about a month ago) and my original intention was for it to be a place where I could ramble on about natural history, biodiversity and neat things I learned at school. But in the mean time I have become acquainted with the blogosphere, picked up a few regular readers and enjoyed interacting with fellow bloggers. I really like writing posts and I hope you will continue to enjoy reading them!

If you’re a blogger reading this, pass on the meme and leave me a comment to tell me where I can find yours:)


TheBrummell said...

OK, I put up mine after Brian at Laelaps called me out.

inblosam said...

I have added your post to the blog tag tree that I created for tracking the “Why I blog” meme. This makes it easy to know who has been tagged already, and to easily find everyone’s post.

Blog Meme Tracker: Why I Blog